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:: Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is Zentu?
2. Is Zentu? free?
3. How about the audio codec?
4. Is the Zentu encoder a piece of hardware or what?
5. Can I encode more than one video with the same encoder?
6. How many servers can I use the encoder on?
7. How many videos can I create?
8. Do I need to purchase Zentu Professional to buy Zentu Flash?
9. Is their a free Flash version?
10. How do I purchase?
11. We had problems viewing this on a Mac system, why didn't it work?
12. Can you add fast forward & rewind buttons as well as play and pause?
13. How do you address dial up and high speed issues when encoding the video?
14. Can you make one file that is scalable based on the bandwith of the customer. Meaning 160 X 120 for the dial up people and 320 X 240 for high speed?
15. How big would a file be for a 60 second clip?
16. What is the best media and quality to use as input to the process?
17. Does your Flash Video have bandwidth detection?
18. Will Zentu stream from a Linux server?
19. Does the encoder create sample HTML files?
20. Is there any limitation for length of video like 1 hours, even two hours?
21. How well tested is the Zentu Encoder?
22. Which browser's support VX30?
23. How many clients can one server connect?
24. Will Zentu? work inside my email?
25.  How many frames a second does Zentu? operate at?
26. Will I need to open any special ports on my firewall?
27. Do I need to download anything for Zentu? to work?
28. Do I need to install a Zentu? player?
29. Will Zentu? work on Macintosh? Linux? Unix?
30 Does it take longer to start streaming a large file vs a small file?
31. How do I start a Zentu Video File ?
32. What equipment is recommended to run the Encoder?
33. How long does it take to install and run my software?
34. Does the video get saved in a temporary file on the end user's computer?
:: Answers

1. Is both the third generation of the VX30 Codec and a video encoding tool used to create professional quality streaming video for the Internet. back

2. The Zentu Encoder Personal edition is free. The personal edition will display a short VX30 bumper before your video will play. In addition you will only be able to create clips less than 10 minutes in length. If you are going to be using Zentu for commercial use you should upgrade to Pro back

3. We have adopted Ogg Vorbis as a audio codec. Ogg Vorbis is a completely open and free audio compression codec from the Foundation. To play Ogg Vorbis streams, our java player is using pure java Ogg Vorbis decoder, JOrbis, under GNU LGPLback

4. No, Zentu is an easy to use 100% software based application that runs on Microsoft Windows back

5. Yes, Zentu supports batch processing, so you can set up one job to create as many videos as you need. back

6. Zentu Professional is sold as a seed license. You are charged based upon the number workstations - not servers.

7. As many as you like. back

8. No the products can be purchased separately. However if you purchase both products together you will receive a price discount. back

9. No, for the Flash functionality you will need to purchase a Zentu 4 Flash License. back

10. You can purchase online through our store or by placing an order. Our sales department can be reached toll-free at 866-661-5699, or if you are with a corporation in good credit standing we can invoice you and you would fax back a purchase order. back

11. Currently we support OSX 10.2 and newer. It will work with G4 PowerMac and newer but we have had some difficulties with older PowerBook models. This is currently being developed stay tuned. back

12. Yes and you can customize where and which buttons appear. The Encoder also comes with several different button styles. back

13. When you encode the video you create various profiles for the intended audience. This is highly customizable to fit your specific needs. back

14. No, you create multiple files to fit different types of customers. However the java player has a bandwidth detection feature that will select the appropriate file for the end user. back

15. Running at 300kbps (perfect for a 320 x 240 video), 2.2MBytes back

16. Any uncompressed digital video format (mov, avi, mpeg). The higher quality the original the higher quality the Zentu file. back

17. Yes. The shockwave player that the encoder produces has built-in bandwidth detection mechanisms. An external XML file is used to index the different bandwidth types. back

18. Zentu? files can be streamed from any Operating System/Web Server combination. Zentu? is as generic to a web server as an image file. back

20. Yes and no. If you are using one of our professional products videos can be of any length. However on the Zentu personal edition the video can only be 10 minutes in length. back

21. Zentu is the culmination of 3 years of software development. Our product is extremely stable and has been widely tested on a variety of systems. back

22. Currently Zentu? files can be run on any browser that is enabled by Java Virtual Machine (jvm) or Microsoft Virtual Machine (mvm). We have tracked hundreds of thousands of visitors through our site and we found that 93% of browsers are java enabled. back

23. A single server(dual processor) can support up to 250 simulatenous connections. back

24. Yes. As long as the e-mail client support Java and html. back

25. Zentu? operates up to an amazing 30 frames per second for best quality picture. back

26. No. Zentu? uses the standard HTTP port (80). As long as the firewall is configured to allow standard internet traffic Zentu? can be streamed to the client. back

27. No. Zentu? leaves absolutely no footprint on the user. Even the player, an ultra-lite Java Applet, is streamed to the user at the beginning of their session. back

28. No. Zentu? does not rely on any type of media player to operate. back

29. Yes, Zentu? can work on any system that supports Java.  back

30. No. Because VX30? truly streams the Video File the amount of time it takes to start playing the Video is unrelated to file size. back

31. The Zentu? will start automatically. However once playing the Zentu? Player is capable of being stopped, paused, fast fowarded and rewound. back

32. The Zentu? Encoder is a windows applications that requires a 1.8ghz processor. back

33. The Zentu? Encoder software can be installed and configured within a day. The Zentu Encoder comes with an Installation Shield that will allow you to easily install your software. Once installed the Encoder is very easy and intuitive to use. back

34. No, but the browser caches 20MB of video. This video, along with the java player, remains in the browser until it is closed. This allows the end user to watch the video several times without having to download it again. This also makes for faster video loading when the end user switches from video to video. back

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