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Why Zentu


Playerless Technology - Player Capabilities

Zoom Functionality

Just mouse over a Zentu video and you will find a control that will allow you to expand your video to a larger size. You can even go full screen if you choose!! Other "Media Player" technologies do not have this kind of capability in their plug-in software. Among the Java players - Zentu is the only player that can go full screen at full frame rates.

Bandwidth Detection

The tiny java applet that is used to render the Zentu video includes a bandwidth detection mechanism that will dynamically adjust both the bit rate and video dimension size to give the user the best quality video for their bandwidth possibility.

Zentu Video Compression

Zentu is the 3rd generation of our VX30 Codec. Zentu has over 35% greater compression capabilities when compared to other leading streaming video technologies.

HTTP Only Video Streaming

Since Zentu Java Streaming only relies on the HTTP protocol you can stream your video content from any standard web server technology. In addition because we rely only on HTTP you do not need to open up any additional ports on your firewall beyond the standard HTTP port. Finally because the stream between the server and client is negotiated by the tiny Java applet that is downloaded client's computer no additional server software is required.

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