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Jim Kartes is the president of Maui-X Stream. He and Arben Kryesiu started the company in the winter of 2003. Jim is also the owner of the Paradise Television Network and operates the Visitor Channel 7 and its subsidiary MauiOnline. Jim is also the owner of Maui Giclee, a fine art digital printing company and the Image Station, a fine art print gallery and frame shop.

Jim started his career in 1960 working for local television news in Minneapolis, and then Indianapolis. He later worked as a news and documentary cameraman for CBS News in New York. He traveled the world filming special assignments for CBS Reports and 60-minutes.

In 1974, Jim and his wife Nancy, started Kartes Video Communications, (KVC) primarily to produce television commercials and corporate communications. In 1977, Jim set up a home video division, to produce, manufacture and market home video cassette programming. KVC specialized in producing and marketing how-to videos and a large library of classic movies branded as Video Film Classics, which they sold through a network of distributors to over 150,000 retailers. Time magazine stated Jim was the Henry Ford of home video. Jim pioneered the marketing of home video and indeed some major studios still use his marketing plan. Jim later sold this company and moved to Hawaii to retire. Being a restless sort, he started a small television channel that later became the Paradise Television Network and now Maui X-Stream. Jim has worked in the television industries for 45 years.

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