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Why Zentu


Flash Video - Fast & Easy

Bandwidth Detection

The tiny shockwave player that the Zentu Encoder creates includes a bandwidth detection mechanism that will dynamically adjust both the bit rate and video dimension size to give the user the best quality video for their bandwidth possibility.

MPEG Video & Audio

MPEG 4 is a leading standard for high quality video (the future of HD). MPEG 4 also offers backwards compatibility with previous Flash versions - which guarantees you over 90% player reach!

External XML Configuration File

Dozens of easily configured options reside in an external XML file that can be altered with any text editor. Options include background color, player control layouts, auto play, click to links, status message color etc...

Wizard Encoding Mode

The Zentu graphical interface includes a "Wizard" mode that simplifies the entire encoding process. The Wizard allows you to do batch processing, multiple types per video - it even includes an FTP client for automatic uploads during the encoding process. In addition the Encoder will output a sample HTML file with example object code.

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