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Zentu Flash Video Compression

The Flash Video files created by the Zentu encoder use the open source library FFMPEG which is a derivative of MPEG 4 . Use of the FFMPEG is governed by the LGPL who license can be viewed in full here. Our MPEG 4 Patent License is filed with MPEGLA.


We've found that FFMPEG is one of the most high quality MPEG 4 codecs in the world. The quality of the Flash Video that Zentu creates with FFMPEG is absolutely stellar!! Please visit our Flash Video Showcase to check out the amazing quality of our samples.

How do we use FFMPEG?

As described by the LGPL Zentu is a "work that uses the Library". Which means that Zentu for Flash has accessors that use the FFMPEG "library" but is not itself a derivative of that library. Furthermore the FFMPEG library was not modified in any way to work with Zentu nor is it compiled as part of the Zentu executable.

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