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VX30 B-Cast

.: B-Cast Layer Diagram
.: Multiple Ways To Feed
Depending on your requirements there are several ways to send a live signal to the web.
Direct - If your intended audience is only consists of a few clients or if you are sending a stream only onto your LAN you may option to send the Live Signal directly off the Encoding machine. VX30? Live has a built in HTTP Server that you can use to stream video.
B-Cast Server - Using this method the Encoding machine will send an uplink to a remote B-Cast server. The B-Cast server will then route the HTTP streams to connecting clients. The B-Cast server can either be on the LAN/WAN and can support multiple uplinks.
Relay Network - This method is reserved for robust audience situations where a single B-Cast server cannot support the number of connecting clients. In this situation the Primary B-Cast server will then route the video stream to supporting B-Cast servers who in turn will reroute the HTTP streams to connecting clients.

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