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Video E-Mail

.: Video On Demand Applications
  • Why Use VX30 For Video Email?

  • ? No Attachments Required
  • ? Can Play Directly in Email Clients
  • ? Big $aving$ Over Traditional Mail Campaigns
  • ? Superior Picture Quality
  • ? Auto Adjusts Quality To Work With Dial-Up Customers
  • ? Video Plays Back on PCs, Macs and Unix/Linux Systems

Impress your Audience with a Video E-Mail!!

One of the most exciting new tools for marketing campaigns is Video E-mail. Imagine the power of being able to send a video communiqué directly to your customer's inbox for as little as one penny per message.

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.: How it Works
Step 1 The Message - Depending on the end user's system, operating environment and email-client your video message will either play back directly through their email client (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) or through a web browser (i.e. Internet Explorer) on their system. The video email will play back through the email client (Screen Shot) as long as the client supports Java. However, in the event that the client supports HTML but it does not Java you can configure the email to have a link appear where the video would have normally played. When the client presses this link their web browser will open and the video will play back through there. Finally if the client's system does not support Java or HTML - a plain text version of your email will appear. Within the body of the text you need to include a link that the client can copy and paste into their browser to access the video.
Step 2 The Client Request - After the client has opened either the video email or the web page containing the video their computer will initiate a connection to your video server/network. The important part of this feature is that the video will be streamed to the client only if they view the video. This will save you on bandwidth as you will only have to deliver content which is actually viewed. If you were to run a campaign where you sent the video as an attachment you would be paying for the bandwidth for each email regardless if it we're viewed or not. In addition because the video is not sent as an attachment it is far less likely to be stopped by a spam filter.
Step 3 The Streaming Session - the VX30 Video On Demand System is designed to give user's the best experience possible. We've added many user oriented features such as bandwidth detection, playerless technology, lossless video compression and more so that user's can experience a high quality video image without having to jump through a bunch of hoops to view it.

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