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Playerless Technology

.: A Typical Playerless Video Session
.: What Does Playerless Mean?
A playerless video does not require a standard media player, such as Quicktime or Windows Media, to playback the video. This is accomplished by using the Java Virtual Machine that is installed on 93% of Personal Computers. If you do not have Java Virtual Machine you can download it from The VX30 Videos use a tiny Java Program that is streamed with the video to decode the data stream.
.: What Advantages Do Playerless Systems Have?
For one the end user will never have to upgrade their media player to see the video. Media Players tend to update about once a year. If a client is on a dial-up system an update can take a very long time, usually longer then they are willing to wait to see your video. With a playerless system the update takes place on the server, so users are updated automatically. It also makes it easy for deployment because you do not have to specify multiple file formats for different types of customers.

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