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VX30 Encoder

Click "Play" button to watch video streaming.

Encode Once
Play Anywhere

Price: US$799.00

Cool New Buttons
Download 4 New Versions of the control. Please visit the movie section of our Showcase to see these new buttons in action. Follow the instruction in the download file to set up your videos.
Version 2 is released!!
Building upon the successful foundation of the first VX30 encoder, the upgraded version offers all of the original encoderís capabilities, in addition to a handful of increased benefits, including the ability to send pre-recorded video email, live capture from a single camera feed, the option to use VX30 as a playerless or native player and the means to encode to VX30 from any file format or source.
New!! - Encoding in 10 Easy Steps You're quickstart guide to using the VX30 Encoder Application!!
FAQ You've got questions we've got answers. Please visit this section to find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Pricing Complete buying guide to VX30 Products.
User Manual The complete step by step guide to using the VX30 Encoder.
White Paper An introductory technical guide to VX30 products .
Trial Download
Take VX30 for a 15 day test drive.
More samples of the stunning quality VX30 video.
VX30 is playerless, only uses HTTP and requires no software to be installed on the server.
System Requirements
Client and Encoding Station system requirements.
Support & Training
Request assistance and technical contact information.

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